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Shy Guys’ Dating Manual

Introverted and shy people often find it difficult to relate to people that they don’t already know. This means when they are in a public situation and want to talk to new people, they are ridden speechless and don’t make the impression that they might have made if they were extroverted and outgoing. This isn’t necessarily a downside though, introverted people make better friends in the long run as they tend to be more loyal than extroverted people.

Fake It!

You’ve almost certainly heard of the phrase ‘Fake it till you make it’. Funnily enough, your mood is directly affected by the actions that you take through the course of the day. Lounging around and playing video games puts you in the state that makes you want to lounge around and do very little that day. If you get up early and hit the gym, you’ll feel a thousand times better for the rest of the day. There’s a reason a saying like ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ is still around. It just so happens to be true, at least in terms of hormones. If you act confident and people friendly, your body will help you out by reinforcing the idea in your head. Even if you are scared and anxious inside, you’ll seem more confident if you pretend you are.

nervous date restaurant

This guy is so shy, his date had to pick his meal for him

Confidence Is Key

Confidence is key because other people are attracted to it. Men or Women both want to know the confident, self assured people in the room, even if they don’t have much else going for them. Yes, you might be a more skilled, intelligent and all around nicer person but if no-one talks to you, you won’t be dating the people you want to date.

Confidence is integral to building up through life and luckily, it can be easy to reap gains in this area. One of the easiest ways to get more confident is reflecting on your positive personality traits and life. By being mindful of what you can achieve, you can augment your positive sides. Many people go about trying to fix problems in their lives, rather than concentrating on their positive sides. Another more obvious way is getting yourself new clothes and a haircut. Many people don’t take enough care of their image and don’t understand the boost it can have to self confidence. If you think you look great, you’ll automatically display better body language to those around you. You don’t need to go mad finding clothes though, it is simply a matter of getting things that fit. Nobody is impressed by you spending huge amounts of money on clothes and often, these clothes still won’t fit properly. Finding yourself a great local tailor who can take in shirts and fix other pieces of clothing for you will make a huge difference to your look, without spending huge amounts of money.Take a look at local results on Google and you should find someone reputable.

smiling together date

Smile and look it her eyes, you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes

Confronting Anxiety

No matter how badly you think you’ll mess up your being introverted, you won’t do as badly as you thought. Shy people often think they come across as wooden and weird, yet most people don’t notice if you are not confident. Most people you’ll meet will be too focused on how they look and seem to new people that it doesn’t really matter if you are shy. Speak up when it is your turn to speak and don’t let others dominate the conversation.Your brain is your worst enemy when it comes to approaching new people and talking to them. Think of literally the worst thing that could happen if you went up to someone in a bar. They might laugh at you and get all their friends to do so too, blog about it and more… but they won’t!Your brain is tuned to help you avoid death. So, these feelings, negative feelings of doubt are there so you can save face around your ‘tribe’. Nowadays, we don’t really have tribes, so there’s no need for these feelings. The best way to confront your anxiety is to take it slowly. Just saying hi to some people is easily done and doesn’t run the risk of making you look like a strange person.Over time, you’ll convince yourself that the reaction to meeting people (scared, anxiousness) isn’t necessary and you won’t feel anxious about doing so in the future!Don’t miss out on enjoying meeting people and finding new dates just because you are afraid to look silly. Everyone looks silly occasionally, you just have to keep trying until it becomes natural. Don’t shy away from your problems, have the mindset to defeat them and move on with your life.