Advices for Dating

Top 5 Must-Dos on the First Date

1. Take time to think about your clothes instead of just grabbing something out of the closet. You need to select something that is simple, but sophisticated. You can accessorize to reflect your every interest; but don’t go overboard.

2. Always greet her properly. Pick your date up with flowers in your hand. Greet her warmly and place a slight kiss on her cheek. Never shake her hand but make sure that she is not uncomfortable about it. Do offer a sincere compliment. .

3. Make sure you can charm her with a bit of etiquette. You should hold the door for her. Let her go in first. In the restaurant, pull out her seat and give her the seat with the better view. You must stand when she leaves the table. Also you need to escort her down the street so you are near the curb. That way you’re the one who gets sprayed with puddles from a speeding bus.

The thing about dating is that it is a lot like job hunting, and a good sense of manners is a bonus that will increase your appeal

4. Always order with panache. You must realize that the main dish is your date, not the food. Take command in the restaurant. Don’t pressure her to eat anything she does not want. Gently suggest if you think she’ll like something. However, it is not about what food she orders but whether she enjoys the dinner companion. It also becomes too forward to order her entrée for her.

5. Bid her goodnight in a proper style. Ask her if she had a good time. Go for a small walk and hold her hand. When you part, say something thoughtful. A successful first date is best capped off with a kiss that neither lingers too long nor leaves too soon. Always lean back and offer breathing room. If an encore is desired, you can read her body language and it will be crystal clear; otherwise, just say good evening and walk away confidently as there will be a next time, hopefully.

If you think the date did not go as well in spite of all the effort then shake her hand or give her a brief hug. Make sure she knows you had a nice evening and tell her good night. Don’t tell her you’ll call when you won’t.