Starting an Online Relationship

Halifax isn’t the biggest city out there, so you might need to find some other means to meet women. Going online will give you the option to shop around for a relationship. But how do you start an online relationship? There are (at least) five things to consider when giving it a go. You may find other aspects that need addressing as you go, but in 99 percent of the settings you’d find yourself dating a girl online they all tend to have at least similar issues. Don’t let that deter you from finding a girl online, though. Getting started is pretty easy.

Find a Venue

find a place

Find a place where you feel comfortable

A venue is any place where something happens; it doesn’t have to be a physical area, picking the right dating venue for you when looking for some girls online will cut down the chase time since you won’t have to go from site to site. For some people it could be as simple as picking a popular dating site and signing up. Others might be interested in finding some girls online through an online game or a social media site.

If You’re Using a Dating Site

dating site

Set up an interesting profile to attract attention

The first things first; you’ve got to set up your profile. Are you willing to pay for it? Some dating sites do come free, but have such limited communication that way that it’s almost not even worth it to join. If you’re serious about getting a girl online, then be willing to pay the cash to find her. Pick a well known site like SocialSex or Match so you’ll have a larger number of women going on when you do. A majority of dating sites will have a few questionnaires for you to fill out so that they can match you up with someone who will have similar tastes to yours. After that you get to upload your pictures and type in your « about me » sections. Now that you’re all set up you get to start shopping around. Go to the advanced search bar and type in everything that’s really important to you: where she lives, her age, her body type, etc. Pick at least three of the girls that match your ideal since they most likely won’t all come running once you contact them. That’s the next step: send them a message. The first message shouldn’t be too forward. Obviously you’re here because you want to find someone and so are they, but that doesn’t mean that all romance should be dead. Compliment something about her profile (her picture, what movies she likes, etc.) It’s especially nice if you’ve commented on something that the two of you have in common as a starter. Messages will get sent back and forth and eventually you’ll start chatting on a regular basis. You might get giddy feelings (although you’d never admit it) and have scheduled talks. The next step would be to solidify your dating status and maybe move into meeting each other in real life…or at least start Skyping each other. Many people who meet up this way end up very committed to each other and some even get married. Check your dating site to see what they’re numbers are on successful relationships that happened through them.

If You’re Using a Game

date a gamer

Find the way to someone’s heart through gaming

Massive Multiplayer Online games (or MMOs for short) actually have a surprising record of hooking people up. To get started, pick a game, any game. World of Warcraft and Runescape are popular MMOs that are actually really fun to play as well. Get an account going with them (some require payment, some don’t) and build your character. Honestly, it doesn’t much matter what your character looks like since the templates won’t really match what you look like at all. Just customize it to something you’ll like. Now start playing. There’s two ways of finding girls online through games: be an awesome player or level up with them. The first route requires lots of game time that will bump up your stats and your gear. Once you’re a high enough level you can pick a girl to start gaming with. If you take her with you on your quests and level her up faster she’ll get the hint that you’re into her. The other option is actually the way to build the strongest bond. Working through hardships together and helping each other out is really similar to real life, simulating the feelings she’d get if you were actually there for her. Whichever way you choose to go, make sure to chat in game with her and eventually get to the point where you exchange numbers, emails, and/or instant messaging addresses. One thing will lead to another and soon the two of you will want to talk to each other outside of gaming. The next step to take is to get to know the real person behind the player. At first it’s okay if she calls you DarkLord89, but eventually she’ll want to know your real name and real personality.

If You’re Using a Social Media Site


A popular idea these days

This is probably the most common way that people actually end up dating online. With sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Tumblr, it’s easy to find people and know what they’re doing all the time. The first thing you need to do if you hope to get a girl this way is to get a large following and start following a ton of hot women. The more you put yourself out there the higher the chance is that one of these ladies will take to your flirting and constant attention. Create a niche for yourself. It could be that you’re a comedian, a movie reviewer, and a photographer, whatever. Just think of something that you either do well now or could possibly do very well in the future. You’ll come across less creepy if you have a purpose on the Internet (besides picking up girls). Start doing cute things like tagging the girl you’re flirting with in posts/tweets or putting up things that you think she’ll like. Eventually she’ll start doing the same to you. Once you’ve publicly started flirting, it’s only a matter of time before the private messages start. Most likely you’ll start cyber sexing (at least a little bit) before you actually sound like you’re dating. Online romances seem to head toward the sexual side first, for some reason. Maybe it’s because you don’t have physical contact to go off of. If that’s the case, then you’re going to need to brush up on your online sexing and start slowly getting her to do the same. The next step would be to decide if you’re actually going to carry this beyond the social media site and make it more serious, or just keep it as a fun back and forth thing. No matter where you “meet” your online lover, the biggest thing to decide in the end is if you both realistically want to be in a relationship. One of the hardest parts of being confined to cyberspace is that you have no physical touch. It’s not even just the sex that throws people into “cheating” (although that’s often the case), it’s the fact that you can’t hold them or hug them or do anything other than pretend that they’re there with you.

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Shy Guys’ Dating Manual

Introverted and shy people often find it difficult to relate to people that they don’t already know. This means when they are in a public situation and want to talk to new people, they are ridden speechless and don’t make the impression that they might have made if they were extroverted and outgoing. This isn’t necessarily a downside though, introverted people make better friends in the long run as they tend to be more loyal than extroverted people.

Fake It!

You’ve almost certainly heard of the phrase ‘Fake it till you make it’. Funnily enough, your mood is directly affected by the actions that you take through the course of the day. Lounging around and playing video games puts you in the state that makes you want to lounge around and do very little that day. If you get up early and hit the gym, you’ll feel a thousand times better for the rest of the day. There’s a reason a saying like ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ is still around. It just so happens to be true, at least in terms of hormones. If you act confident and people friendly, your body will help you out by reinforcing the idea in your head. Even if you are scared and anxious inside, you’ll seem more confident if you pretend you are.

nervous date restaurant

This guy is so shy, his date had to pick his meal for him

Confidence Is Key

Confidence is key because other people are attracted to it. Men or Women both want to know the confident, self assured people in the room, even if they don’t have much else going for them. Yes, you might be a more skilled, intelligent and all around nicer person but if no-one talks to you, you won’t be dating the people you want to date.

Confidence is integral to building up through life and luckily, it can be easy to reap gains in this area. One of the easiest ways to get more confident is reflecting on your positive personality traits and life. By being mindful of what you can achieve, you can augment your positive sides. Many people go about trying to fix problems in their lives, rather than concentrating on their positive sides. Another more obvious way is getting yourself new clothes and a haircut. Many people don’t take enough care of their image and don’t understand the boost it can have to self confidence. If you think you look great, you’ll automatically display better body language to those around you. You don’t need to go mad finding clothes though, it is simply a matter of getting things that fit. Nobody is impressed by you spending huge amounts of money on clothes and often, these clothes still won’t fit properly. Finding yourself a great local tailor who can take in shirts and fix other pieces of clothing for you will make a huge difference to your look, without spending huge amounts of money.Take a look at local results on Google and you should find someone reputable.

smiling together date

Smile and look it her eyes, you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes

Confronting Anxiety

No matter how badly you think you’ll mess up your being introverted, you won’t do as badly as you thought. Shy people often think they come across as wooden and weird, yet most people don’t notice if you are not confident. Most people you’ll meet will be too focused on how they look and seem to new people that it doesn’t really matter if you are shy. Speak up when it is your turn to speak and don’t let others dominate the conversation.Your brain is your worst enemy when it comes to approaching new people and talking to them. Think of literally the worst thing that could happen if you went up to someone in a bar. They might laugh at you and get all their friends to do so too, blog about it and more… but they won’t!Your brain is tuned to help you avoid death. So, these feelings, negative feelings of doubt are there so you can save face around your ‘tribe’. Nowadays, we don’t really have tribes, so there’s no need for these feelings. The best way to confront your anxiety is to take it slowly. Just saying hi to some people is easily done and doesn’t run the risk of making you look like a strange person.Over time, you’ll convince yourself that the reaction to meeting people (scared, anxiousness) isn’t necessary and you won’t feel anxious about doing so in the future!Don’t miss out on enjoying meeting people and finding new dates just because you are afraid to look silly. Everyone looks silly occasionally, you just have to keep trying until it becomes natural. Don’t shy away from your problems, have the mindset to defeat them and move on with your life.

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Separating the Top Canadian Dating Blogs from Each Other

The top review websites online can help you make the right choice!

For a fact, there are a great many blogs devoted to dating that really could be considered among the top dating blogs on the Internet. How to go about separating them from each other – because what you want to do is pull from among the best advice presented at each of them – can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, because most of these dating websites are presenting great advice on online dating and in a helpful, supportive dating atmosphere, the task will mainly be pleasant for you. The key point in all of this, though, is identifying what you need both now and in the future when it comes to dating. You do that to searching several dating websites and not just one all the time.

The Hookup Dating Site in Canada: They produce fantastic content.

One feature that quality online hook up and personal blogs have that they’re lesser competitors don’t is that the writing seems to be at a quality level that lesser competitors just can’t duplicate. One thing to look at when it comes to judging whether a particular blog post about dating and hook up from the pantheon of fantastic hook up dating sites when it comes to sexual dating is that the content reaches out and grabs you, you need to listen to these tips. If what you’re looking for is something that’s going to mean something to you right away when it comes to sexual encounter, you’re going to need to look the dating websites and judge it fairly quickly on its merits. If it doesn’t merit your consideration, in other words, move on to another article about hooking up.

Canada online dating: They relate to you personally with their content.

A second feature that seems to separate the best online dating on the Internet from those that aren’t so hot has to do with how the writers are able to relate to you personally via their content. They try to teach you How to meet Women? on a canada dating site. What this has to do with his relevancy or how the article at dresses specific concerns you might have. For sure, there are plenty of great dating advice articles out there about dating sites for gays, but there are also many dating advice articles that are more specifically oriented and which you should be looking for if you have a specific concern or question about dating. Often, you can find these types of quality blog sites just by using simple search terms in a common search engine, so keep that in mind.

Married dating sites from Canada avoid writing to self-promote.

It can’t be emphasized enough, but you shouldn’t be wasting your time on adultery websites that are more about hosting advertising been about giving you useful dating tips for married or great dating posts about affairs canada. In 2012 it is legit to be married and dating others married people. If you’re landing at extra marital dating websites that are being promoted via search engines, don’t be surprised if your wife cheat on you. Often, these websites are paying for placement on a search engine. That’s fine and dandy if the content is actually meaningful to you, but if it isn’t, look for married dating websites about dating that feature great writers more than anything else. You’ll be able to tell them right away because the content actually will reach out and touch you in certain ways, so never forget that.

Dating: It does a body good!

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Why a Fun Time with Your Date Can Be Beneficial

How to have fun time when datingMillions of people worldwide happen to be in search of a significant other. One of the most common things that people will do in order to find the love of their lives – is dating. Dating can put two people on the adventure of a lifetime, which is why one will want to make certain that they put their all into meeting and bonding with that special person. Taking this into account, it’s easy to see why a lot of individuals treat the art of courting with the utmost respect. Even though most would probably agree that dating is amazing, why would it be a good thing for a couple to have a fun time on their date? Well, having a great time when out with a date just so happens to be very beneficial.

The reasons that it can be beneficial are many indeed. One of the main reasons that this is so, is because many times dating will lead to a more serious relationship down the road. Many major commitments have begun with just a single date – and the more fun that people have on a date, the more likely that they will go on more dates, which will increase chances of their relationship developing into something more serious in the future. Not only can having an awesome time assist you in building a better future for the both of you, but it can also help both people be more at ease, more relaxed, and better able to see who each other really are.

So as you can see, there are a lot of benefits that one can enjoy when having an action packed date to look forward to. Even though some may underestimate the need for having a fun time while on a date, most people that date will agree that there is nothing like having a blast when out with that special someone. There are so many things to be gained as a result of letting loose and doing a ton of exciting activities, that an individual that is looking for love might want to focus on getting the most out of a date. Even if it means going all out when making plans for the date, go for it! After you come from your fun filled date, you will be happy that you did!

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Top 5 Must-Dos on the First Date

1. Take time to think about your clothes instead of just grabbing something out of the closet. You need to select something that is simple, but sophisticated.  You can accessorize to reflect your every interest; but don’t go overboard.

2. Always greet her properly. Pick your date up with flowers in your hand. Greet her warmly and place a slight kiss on her cheek. Never shake her hand but make sure that she is not uncomfortable about it. Do offer a sincere compliment. .

3. Make sure you can charm her with a bit of etiquette. You should hold the door for her. Let her go in first. In the restaurant, pull out her seat and give her the seat with the better view. You must stand when she leaves the table. Also you need to escort her down the street so you are near the curb. That way you’re the one who gets sprayed with puddles from a speeding bus.

The thing about dating is that it is a lot like job hunting, and a good sense of manners is a bonus that will increase your appeal

4. Always order with panache. You must realize that the main dish is your date, not the food. Take command in the restaurant. Don’t pressure her to eat anything she does not want. Gently suggest if you think she’ll like something. However, it is not about what food she orders but whether she enjoys the dinner companion.  It also becomes too forward to order her entrée for her.

5. Bid her goodnight in a proper style. Ask her if she had a good time. Go for a small walk and hold her hand. When you part, say something thoughtful.  A successful first date is best capped off with a kiss that neither lingers too long nor leaves too soon. Always lean back and offer breathing room. If an encore is desired, you can read her body language and it will be crystal clear; otherwise, just say  good evening and walk away confidently as there will be a next time, hopefully.

If you think the date did not go as well in spite of all the effort then shake her hand or give her a brief hug. Make sure she knows you had a nice evening and tell her good night. Don’t tell her you’ll call when you won’t.

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